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interaction and storytelling…

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Hobby Lobby Project Sheets
Entr: A Pop-Up Adventure
What is Cognitive Dissonance? - Motion Graphic
2019 Kansas City Folly Jazz Poster Series
Red Water Exodus - Zine About Picher, OK
Oklahoma State University Medical Center Signage
AstraLife - Young Adult Lifestyle Application
Adobe Jenson Pro Type Specimen
Hobby Lobby 50th Anniversary Logo
Human-Con Website & Collaboration
EMAA: Emergency Automated Assistance
Yes* KCAI 2020 Senior Exhibition Website

Hey, I’m Lydia — a graphic designer from Oklahoma.
I like making stuff. A lot.

 In 2020, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Kansas City Art Institute. During this time I developed a passion for multimedia design and typography. Before going to college, I completed a two year Graphic Design Specialist program at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center, where studied design and print production. 

Storytelling, interaction, and human behavior inspire me.  I believe in a process that is iterative, prioritizes the audience, and is identity driven. When I’m not working as Echo Ink Media, you’ll find me drawing, designing jewelry, reading classic fiction, watching anime, and taking long hikes in Oklahoma and Arkansas!

“Good design is not about what medium you’re working in.
It’s about thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work with before you start.”

— Susan Kare

  • 1. Identify

    Where are we now? Where do we need to be? This is means defining the scope of the project, identifying the primary audience, and pinpointing goals and barriers.

  • 2. Explore

    Which way to we go? Research potential solutions and develop empathy for the audience. This is the time to take notes, sketch, and collect resources.

  • 3. Analyze

    What do we take with us, and what do we leave behind? Decide what research is most useful in form and function.

  • 4. Develop

    How do we get there? Flesh out the visual language with an emphasis on real world application and desired impact.

  • 5. Implement

    What went right and what didnt? Document the project impact, ask questions, and collect first and longterm impressions.

Communication is the key!

Please reach out to me with any requests or inquiries at