Adobe Jenson Pro / Type Specimen

This type specimen is intended to celebrate the history, timelessness, and usability of Adobe Jenson Pro. The layout features an inner spread and 17″x22″ poster that folds down to 8.5″x11″.

Adobe Jenson Pro is a redesign of the Nicholas Jenson’s 1470 typeface. Robert Slimbach redrew it for Adobe in 1993. I wanted to capture the elegant and robust quality of the typeface. Renaissance typesetting and title pages of old books inspired the overall type treatment. The inner spread shows off body copy and compares the styles and optical sizes through elegant typesetting. On the other side, a poster illustrates the anatomy of the characters in an excerpt from The Canterbury Tales. I chose this as the sample text because it was written about a century prior to Jenson’s typeface and I imagine it could have been in print in 1470.

While developing the layout I studied Renaissance prints. With this in mind, I sketched a few pages of layout designs to get a sense of scale and density. The blue highlights and black bars are used to highlight glyphs and sections as well as give the document a contemporary edge to demonstrate the timelessness of the typeface.