Adobe Jenson Pro Type Specimen

Layout & Print Design

This type specimen is a homage to the enduring legacy of Adobe Jenson Pro, celebrating its history and timeless elegance. Revitalized by Robert Slimbach in 1993 from Nicholas Jenson’s 1470 typeface, Adobe Jenson Pro exudes both grace and robustness. The layout, featuring an inner spread and a foldable 17″x22″ poster, unfolds the typographic narrative.

Inspired by Renaissance typesetting and antique book title pages, the inner spread elegantly displays body copy, allowing a nuanced comparison of styles and optical sizes. The accompanying poster, showcasing an excerpt from The Canterbury Tales, delves into the characters’ anatomy, reinforcing the historical context with text from a century preceding Jenson’s typeface.

Informed by Renaissance prints, the layout’s development involved sketching layouts to capture scale and density nuances. Blue highlights and black bars accentuate glyphs and sections, lending a contemporary edge that underscores the timeless allure of Adobe Jenson Pro. This specimen is not just a typographic exploration but a visual testament to the enduring charm of a classic typeface.