UX/UI Design & Brand Identity

AstraLife emerges as a transformative mobile application designed to cultivate time management and mindfulness skills in young adults. Using the captivating visual metaphor of space travel, AstraLife presents users with an innovative framework that includes tools such as a schedule, journal, and meditation space. This dynamic approach encourages non-linear progress, prompting users to envision their daily journey as an interstellar mission, mapping real-time progress through engaging and reflective entries.

Three of us collaboratively developed the concept. Each team member contributed their unique perspective to the final intention. Initially targeting middle and high school students, we addressed challenges like increased workloads and the delicate balance between work and school. We then crafted user personas, such as Brianne, a ninth grader navigating typical barriers. Low-fidelity interventions, prototyped and user-tested, pinpointed pain points and informed subsequent developments.

Positive feedback highlighted the effectiveness of the messaging format for journaling prompts and the non-linear task list. User testers emphasized the need to visualize and build on achievements for sustained motivation. Iterative user tests refined the black and grey wireframes, and paved the way for each of us to develop out own visual direction. Opting for a space travel theme, I aimed to vividly capture the non-linear and measurable essence of goal setting, adding an imaginative layer to the application’s original purpose.