Emergency Automated Assistant

Brand Identity, UX/UI, & Motion Design

The Emergency Automated Assistant (EMAA) is a vital digital solution designed to alleviate communication challenges during 911 calls. This tool empowers users to message emergency dispatch, generate response messages, and automatically relay crucial information. Recognizing the stress and challenges faced by emergency dispatchers, EMAA aims to streamline conversations, provide upfront information, and foster reassurance for both dispatchers and callers.

The system comprises a mobile application for the 911 caller and a desktop application for dispatchers. The mobile app includes a user profile with essential information, emergency severity options, and text/phone communication with dispatchers. On the dispatcher side, the application offers response suggestions, a call transcript, caller profile details, and real-time clocks or maps to be shared with the caller. Additional features include stress level assessments and mechanisms to address dispatcher fatigue.

The project’s evolution involved meticulous user journey mapping, transitioning from low-fidelity to high-fidelity wireframes, with a focus on efficient and clear interactions. The incorporation of color to signify severity emerged from research experiments and inspired the final interface design. The culmination of this research and prototyping process resulted in a compelling video demonstration showcasing EMAA’s application in real emergency scenarios.