Entr: A Pop Up Adventure

Entr was a pop-up experience at the Kansas City Art Institute, merging storytelling and gameplay to visualize human behavior. Participants engaged in a text-adventure style game, documenting their decisions on a grid using square rubber stamps to answer prompts in a booklet, each answer corresponded to a direction. Interconnected on a large grid wall, these paths formed a collaborative labyrinth, visualizing individual and collective decision making.

The project featured a bespoke typeface, Entr Mono, mirroring the grid’s 8 by 8 structure, used across various artifacts like the website, pamphlet, fold-out poster, and signage. The website served as a teaser, incorporating the interactive grid for users to construct images and mazes. During the pop-up, attendees could screenshot and email themselves their creations.

Since the identity and interaction depended on each other, the visual language developed alongside user testing. I experimented with prompts  and performed blind tests at progressive levels of fidelity to ensure intended interaction would be clear to visitors. Inspired by legacy video game interfaces, this project evoked a sense of mystery and play by blending insights from behavioral psychology with interactive storytelling.