Human-Con / Website & Collaboration

In March of 2020 I assisted a team of my classmates in organizing and hosting a human centered design conference sponsored by AIGA and hosted at the Kansas City Art Institute. My primary contribution was the design and development of the event website.

Human-Con was a full day event with speakers and workshops. The process of creating the identity for the event included a workshop where participants had a set amount of time to draw as many eyes, noses, mouths, and ears as they could with a fat tip marker. These drawings were used on all the promotional material for the event.

We started thinking about the website by collaboratively brainstorming and wireframing what information it would include. It was a microsite with a link to register, a pdf guide including a map and schedule, and a link to the instagram. I used these wireframes as reference while developing and testing the site.

The opportunity to offer my skills alongside my classmates’ to make this event possible was unforgettable. Human-Con was fully proposed and executed by a small group of students volunteering their effort and I’m grateful to have been one of them.