The Manifesto Madness Experiment / Book Design

The Manifesto Madness Experiment is a collection of design manifestos by well known designers and studios around the world that are organized in order of most to least conventional and notated with ink splatter.

I began by reading all the manifestos and developing a broader understanding of the content. Then, I documented range of themes, some focused on practice, others were political, and some seemed completely nonsensical. Nonetheless, there was a clear gradient of conventionality. From here I looked for ways to express this spectrum in the book form. I wanted to allude to the design process and the way this is often a reflection of one’s mindset or worldview. Ink affords both order and chaos. So as the reader views these manifestos, they descend from order to madness, from gridded typography to spilled ink.

I created the ink splatter by laying out a grid of white paper, splattering black acrylic paint on it, and scanning the pages in at a high resolution after they dried.