What is Cognitive Dissonance? / Motion Graphic

This motion piece explains and illustrates what cognitive dissonance is, the history of its study, and how it affects our daily lives. 

Leon Festinger’s experiments in the 1950s informed the simple sketches and American Typewriter as the font choice. I chose blue and yellow because they are complimentary colors with good contrast and without strong meaning already tied to them.

I started out by curating and giving hierarchy to my research on cognitive dissonance. This meant breaking what I had learned down into three distinct sections: history, areas of research, and ways to reduce dissonance. Then I began storyboarding and image making. First I created and experimented with a set of elements.

Before putting anything in After Effects, I developed a few frame by frame slide decks in keynote at progressive levels of fidelity to quickly experiment with different ways to explore the subject. Once I felt confident in how I would visualize each talking point, I began animating my illustrations.