What is Cognitive Dissonance?

Motion Design

This motion piece delves into the concept of cognitive dissonance, exploring its definition, historical roots, and its pervasive impact on our daily lives. Drawing inspiration from Leon Festinger’s pioneering experiments in the 1950s, the narrative unfolds through simple sketches complemented by the typographic charm of American Typewriter. The deliberate use of blue and yellow, chosen for their complimentary nature and strong contrast, avoids preexisting connotations, allowing for a fresh interpretation.

The creative process started with the curation of research into three focal areas: its historical evolution, key research domains, and effective strategies for dissonance reduction. The journey then progressed to storyboarding and image creation, where a series of frame-by-frame slide decks, evolving in fidelity, were crafted in Keynote. This agile approach facilitated swift experimentation with visual styles. Upon solidifying the visualization strategy for each key point, the transition to After Effects commenced, breathing life into the meticulously designed illustrations. This methodical journey ensured a comprehensive, visually engaging exploration of the complex subject matter.